Elago iPhone 15 Pro 15 Pro Max Magsafe Armor Case - Black [v] كفر ايفون 15برو/15برو ماكس مع ماجسيف


Size: iPhone 15 Pro
سعر الخصم9.950 KD


The armor case is returning with an upgrade for your Every Day Carry lifestyle. We created a case that was slim, but did not sacrifice any protection.
Add this sleek new case to your EDC! Strong magnets inside the case make it compatible with MagSafe and wireless charging.
Durable case is made from tpu to ensure survivability and protection. Have full access to all functions of the phone without any interference.
The case covers the phone - including the bottom and buttons; but does not cover the screen. Raised lip helps protect the screen and camera against scratches from direct surface contact.



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