Scosche MagicMount Pro 2, Universal Magsafe/Magnetic Suction Cup Mount for Car - ستاند سيارة - مغناطيس - سكوشي


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-Versatile and Secure - Safely and quickly secure a mobile or MagSafe device to almost any flat surface with the StickGrip material on the base of the suction cup. The Scosche StickGrip Suction Mount features a locking 4-axis adjustable angle ball neck for great viewing from any seat.
-Stronger Magnets - Extra Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets are 30% stronger magnets than our standard MagicMounts and are 100% mobile device safe. The cradleless design eliminates the need to squeeze, simply place your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely into place.
-MagSafe Compatible - Our specially designed mounting head allows you to securely secure an iPhone 12, 13 or later device with a MagSafe without the need to use a magnetic plate. These extra strong N50 neodymium magnets hold your phone or device securely in place even on the roughest roads.
-OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLE - Rotate the adjustable head 360 degrees for optimal viewing from almost any angle. The low profile mount securely attaches to your dashboard using the StickGrip suction cup base and can be stuck to all non-porous surfaces.

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