PanzerGlass® 3-in-1 Protection Pack Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus | Ultra-Wide Fit w. EasyAligner - بانزر - S24 Plus كفر - حماية عالية + حماية شاشة + حماية لعدسات الكاميرا - سامسونج شفاف

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Size: Samsung S24 Plus
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Want to protect your phone? I mean REALLY protect your phone? Then this 3-in-1 protection pack from PanzerGlass™ is for you! Featuring a wireless charging compatible HardCase, an Ultra-Wide Fit Screen Protector, and a Hoops Camera Lens Protector, this pack shields your phone from scratch-creating bumps against sharp-edged corners, phone-cracking falls onto stone-hard pavements and just about anything else life might throw at you. The screen protector even has a smudge-free coating that reduces traces of fingerprints and grease.

The HardCase features the world’s most advanced plant-based protection material, D3O® Bio, trusted to protect military elite forces and professional athletes alike. The back is 100% recycled plastic, while the plastic frame comprises 44% plant-based content. The screen protector is made of 60% recycled material and provides 3x higher scratch resistance than our models for the S23 series. And what about the Hoops Camera Lens Protector? It keeps your camera lenses free from scratches and cracks that would leave permanent scars on all future photos.

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