Torrii BODYGLASS Screen Protector for Apple Watch Ultra - 49mm - حماية شاشة لساعة الالترا أبل - مقاس 49 - توري

TorriiSKU: AWU-BDG-01

Size: 49 MM
سعر الخصم8.950 KD
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Bumping your Apple Watch against mountain rocks on mountain tops? Brushing it against sharp-edged corals at the bottom of the sea? Or hitting it against dripstones in underground caves? No worries. This ultra-scratch-resistant screen protector from PanzerGlass™ protects your Apple Watch from the hazards of an adventurous-and-not-so-ordinary-life. It even has a smudge-free coating that reduces traces of fingerprints and dirt.

Installing the screen protector is also easy, and once it’s applied, you’ll never again fear that terrible crunching sound of glass against stone. This may never happen, but if it does, you’ll regret not having clicked “add to cart”. The screen protector covers the entire screen and comes in FSC™-certified packaging that can be recycled.

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