Uniq Flixa Magnetic Mount Base - Jet Black- ستاند علاق - ماق سيف - يونيك


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  • Flixa Magnetic Base is an innovative gadget that allows you to easily mount your phone anywhere you need it. Thanks to its magnetic design and sturdy mounting, you can effortlessly place your phone equipped with a Flixa case on a variety of surfaces, such as a refrigerator, wall, countertop or desk.
  • This versatility allows you to always have your phone at your fingertips, no matter the situation. Are you cooking in the kitchen and want to keep an eye on the recipe? Easily mount your phone on the refrigerator and have it close at hand. Do you work in the office and need unobstructed access to your phone? The Flixa Magnetic Base allows you to securely and conveniently attach your phone within sight.
  • What's more, its simple design makes mounting and dismounting your phone extremely easy, eliminating the need for complicated mounts or clamps. The strong magnetic grip ensures a firm hold on your phone, while allowing you to quickly and smoothly remove it from the base without any fuss.
  • The Flixa Magnetic Base is the perfect solution for people who value practicality and convenience in their daily lives. With this base, you no longer have to worry about holding your phone in your hands or searching for a suitable surface to place it on.

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