ESR iPad Air 13" 2024 Shift Magnetic Case - Blue [V] - كفر ايباد - اير 13" - 2024


Size: iPad Air 13" - 2024
سعر الخصم21.950 KD


Features & details
Compatibility: only for iPad Air 13"(2024); models: A2898, A2899, not compatible with any other iPad models
Ultra-stable Stand: wide support brackets magnetically lock into grooves in the base to give you superior stability, even when using your iPad Air on your lap.
Raised Screen View: enjoy a raised view of your iPad Air closer to your natural eye line and sit upright in a more comfortable position during long periods of use.
Powerful Versatility: achieve up to 9 different angles, 6 for viewing and 3 for writing, via the dual support brackets and 6 magnetic grooves, then instantly detach for hands-on gaming or to magnetically attach to your fridge.
Double Protection: the dual back case and front cover design lets you snap on the lightweight back case for full-body protection against scratches and bumps, then magnetically attach the tough front cover for total 360° protection in every situation.

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