Energea TravelWorld 3-Port USB-C And 1-Port USB-A GaN 120W Travel Adapter - Gunmetal - شاحن حائط دولي للسفر - مناسب لجميع دول العالم -4 فتحات للشحن الذكي والسريع - 3 فتحات تايب سي - 1 فتحة يو اس بي - قوة 120 واط - كفالة 18 شهر

EnergeaSKU: TWA-GAN120-GAN

Size: 120W
سعر الخصم29.950 KD
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  • This multipurpose and lightweight travel essential is a one-stop shop, complete with an AC outlet plug converter for the US, UK, AU, EU, and Asia, and a GaN power hub with four USB ports. It is your go-to travel partner because it works in more than 150 of the most popular destinations.

    - Three USB-C and one USB-A travel adaptor that works in the US, UK, AU, EU, and Asia.
    - USB-C power supply output of 100W.
    - Support configurable power supplies up to 55 W.
    - For the quickest charge, GANSMART Technology recognizes the power requirements of gadgets.
    - To guarantee safe use, use a safety shutter.
    - A spare 10A fuse is straightforward to replace when necessary.
    - Includes a carry case.

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