24Bottles Sport Lid - Light Blue [F]

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Smart new lid for your 24Bottles travel tumbler, which allows you to use your travel tumbler more flexibly. This is the popular sports lid, but now for your Travel Tumbler.
A beautifully designed accessory for your Travel Tumbler that allows you to sip your hot or cold drink such as smoothie, latte, cocktail, milkshake, fruit juice, lemonade, iced tea, vegetable drink or hot chocolate while on the go.
Sport & Go lid is tight and has a secure flip-top system with heat-resistant grip.
Fits all sizes of Travel Tumbler from 24Bottles.
- BPA-free
- Perfect to drink from
- Leak-tight silicone seal
- Fits all sizes of Travel Tumbler
Lid: Diameter ø 8.2 cm
- mouth: ø 2.02 cm
- Height: 3.5 cm
- Weight: 51 g

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