Cellularline Phone Strap Classy Univ - خيط علاقة - يمكنكم اختيار مع كفر شفاف او بدون كفر فقط خيط علاق


With or Without Case - يرجى اختيار مع كفر ونوع الجهاز او بدون كفر فقط العلاقة: Without Case - Only Strap / بدون كفر - فقط علاقة
سعر الخصم4.950 KD
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Turn your phone into a fashionable & joyful accessory! Why not make your Iphone 14 case even cooler? We’re all about adding pieces to our life that are both useful and adorable, and that’s why we’re excited about cute phone straps. These little wrist straps attach to the ring at the bottom of our Iphone 14 cases, and they’re a great way to be as hands free as possible. Plus, they’re an easy way to show off your personality, no one will ever mistake your phone for theirs again.

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