UAG iPhone 15 Metropolis LT Magsafe Case [v] كفر ايفون 15برو/15برو ماكس مع ماجسيف


Size: iPhone 15 Pro
سعر الخصم18.950 KD


The Metropolis Lite series - your ultimate choice for a balance of understated and elevated protection. The Metropolis Lite features a strong TPU frame and an impact-absorbing inner bumper, ensuring comprehensive protection against accidental drops and bumps. With sculpted corners that reinforce drop protection and a stylish DuPont™ Kevlar® Fiber Inlay, you can confidently take your device from a meeting to an adventure without skipping a beat. Though it’s not visible on the exterior, we’ve equipped this case with a powerful built-in magnet module, providing seamless compatibility with MagSafe charging. Get ready to experience the perfect harmony of functionality and protection with the redesigned Metropolis Lite series.

Built-in MagSafe module. Compatible with Apple Pay

Lightweight, premium DuPont Kevlar® material provides industry-leading protection

Soft impact-resistant core, slim profile. Integrated lanyard anchor points & lanyard card compatibility (lanyard not included)

18 ft. Drop Protection (5.4 meters). Made with 50% recycled materials

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