Decoded iPhone 15 Silicone Magsafe Case - Graphine [V] - كفر ايفون 15برو/15برو ماكس - سيليكون - ماغ سيف


Size: iPhone 15 Pro MAX
سعر الخصم12.950 KD


• Designed for iPhone 15 series
• Crafted from high-quality polyurethane (silicone)
• Presents a silky soft-touch surface for a perfect grip
• AntiMicrobial material for enhanced hygiene and protection
• MagSafe-enhanced: Compatible with magnetic and wireless charging
• Shock-resistant PC underlayer for fall or bump protection
• 1mm raised edge around screen to prevents scratches
• Drop resistant up to 1.2 meters
• Metal buttons for superior functionality
• Raised metal ring around the camera
• Microfiber lining provides superior iPhone protection
• Packaging made from recycled material, plastic-free

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