Elago iPhone Magnetic Silicone Case 15 Pro 15 Pro Max -Black [V] كفر ايفون 15برو/15برو ماكس مع ماجسيف


Size: iPhone 15 Pro
سعر الخصم9.950 KD


The perfect magnetic case for your phone compatible with MagSafe. Strong magnets were designed into the inner part of the case to ensure your phone latches on to the charger and prevents falling.
Liquid silicone was used to make this incredible case. The case adds great adds great grip and protection to your phone while adding a splash of color. Don't sacrifice any aspects of what makes a case great when choosing elago.
Note: Due to the grippiness of the case, lint and other small particles can attach. Simply wipe your case with a wet cloth or paper to clean it up.
Full coverage compatible with your iPhone 15 Pro Max. The case covers all sides of the phone - including the bottom and buttons. Raised lip helps protect the screen and camera against scratches from direct surface contact.



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