Energea Flow 10Gbps USB-C To USB-C Cable With Velcro Cable Tie 30cm - Black - سلك شحن - انيرجيا - تايب سي الي تايب سي - طول 30 سم - كفالة 5 سنين

EnergeaSKU: CBL-FLCC32-BLK030

Size: 30CM
سعر الخصم5.950 KD
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Support multiple fast charging protocols.Ultra fast data transfer.Great durability.6X longer durability.Maglink cable management system.

- 5A high-speed charging
- Power Delivery 3.1 240W
- Built-in eMarker Chip
- USB3.2 20gbps data transfer
- Slim tip to fit most cases
- Hemp textile fabric
- Naturally hypoallergenic
- Resistant to fraying
- Thinner OD at 5.6mm
- Aluminium foil shielding

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