PanzerGlass™ GraphicPaper® Apple iPad Pro 12.9 - Paper Feel | Screen Protector Glass- حماية شاشة - شفافة - لجميع اطراف جهاز الايباد - ايباد برو 12.9 - بانزر جلاس

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Size: iPad Pro 12.9"
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This award-winning GraphicPaper® screen protector is designed to recreate the texture of paper as well as protect your iPad from the hazards of everyday life. Tested by creatives of all ages and levels, it is ideal for creative work, school work, note taking, sketching, drawing or just playing games. The screen protector is scratch and shock-resistant and even has a smudge-free coating with antibacterial effect that reduces traces of fingerprints and kills up to 99.99% of all common surface bacteria. 

The Edge-to-Edge screen protector covers the entire front surface of your iPad, while leaving room for a case, and comes in FSC-labelled packaging that uses less ink and coatings, thus reducing the contaminants that complicate the recycling process.

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