UNIQ TRELIX AIR VENT MOUNT - MIDNIGHT BLACK - ستاند سيارة مغناطيس - ماغ سيف - فتحة تكييف - يونيك


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A new dimension of comfort while traveling

UNIQ Trelix is a magnetic air vent mount that delivers exceptional convenience and versatility while traveling. This accessory features an adjustable head that rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to perfectly adjust the mount to your expectations and adjust the viewing angle. The base is mounted with universal 3M tape - it guarantees a secure fit and perfect adhesion to the dashboard or other flat surface. Don't be afraid that the phone with the holder mounted to it will fall while driving. Ensure peace of mind while traveling even in difficult road conditions, through wilderness or very pothole roads.

Wide compatibility

Trelix guarantees full compatibility with MagSafe magnetic cases, so you don't have to sacrifice the protection of your phone. Don't have a phone that supports MagSafe technology or your case doesn't have a magnetic ring? No worries! The kit comes with a stick-on SnapRing, which you simply stick directly onto the back of your phone or protective case - making your device instantly compatible with this mount. In addition, you eliminate the need to replace the protective case on your phone, making you more eco-friendly

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